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Mobilizing Communities

The success of AlignCare relies on mobilizing community resources and activities. With the support of AlignCare National, the AlignCare affiliate’s Community Organizer will lead the local effort toward building a sustainable fundraising campaign and initiating relationships with potential funders to include:

  • Local and national corporations
  • Charitable foundations
  • Private citizens

AlignCare National wants to ensure donors that their dollars are being used in the most effective way by being fiscally responsible. AlignCare clients must meet certain requirements in order to be enrolled in the program.

  • Bonded Family – A strong human-animal exists within the AlignCare family.
  • Need for assistance – AlignCare clients are low income families who would not be able to provide veterinary care for their nonhuman family members without assistance.
  • Willingness to partner – Much of what makes AlignCare successful is the inter-professional collaboration of veterinary service providers, social service agencies, veterinary social work coordinators, and people in the community in which they live. AlignCare clients must be willing to partner with these groups to ensure success of the program and of their personal goals.

To best build your affiliate’s AlignCare Fund, special attention should be paid to identifying stakeholders, messaging, and potential donors.