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Program for Pet Health Equity

Donate Today to help families in need of access to veterinary care.

We believe that all pets deserve access to veterinary care.

The Program for Pet Health Equity (PPHE) exists to improve access to veterinary care for pets and their families not adequately served by the current system. We promote and facilitate national collaborations and public policy development, to remove barriers to veterinary care. Our activities include education, community service, and social and public health research. PPHE is developing AlignCare, the first One Health healthcare system that addresses the needs of people, their pets, and their ecosystem, which is largely defined by socioeconomics. We connect families with veterinary service providers, while leveraging community resources and activities. 

NEWS: VetCandy has just published their latest “Public Health Guide“. Read Dr Blackwell’s forward and the rest here.

AlignCare is the main project of the Program for Pet Health Equity and is a collaboration among the University of Tennessee, Maddie’s Fund, veterinary service providers (VSP), social service agencies, animal welfare organizations, veterinary social work (VSW), and community partners who are committed to family welfare through improving access to veterinary care.

Download the AlignCare Overview Brochure Here

Thank You to Maddie’s Fund!

The Program for Pet Health Equity is a proud recipient of funding from Maddie’s Fund. #ThanksToMaddie, PPHE can help keep families together through access to veterinary care.