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AlignCare is the service project of the Program for Pet Health Equity and is an interdisciplinary system among the University of Tennessee, Maddie’s Fund, Veterinary Service Providers, Social Service Agencies, Animal Welfare Organizations, Veterinary Social Work, and other community partners who are committed to family welfare through improving access to veterinary care.

Lack of access to veterinary care is a national family crisis, with more than one out of four (28%) families with pets reporting they experienced a barrier to veterinary care, most often due to limited finances. The impacts on pets can be substantial, including prolonged recovery from an illness or injury, premature death, or relinquishment. This results in distress for the family and negatively impacts veterinary professionals, further tasks animal shelters, and presents threats to public health.

AlignCare is a One Health healthcare system that aligns the current resources of social service agencies and veterinary service providers while utilizing community funding. The alignment of these resources improves access to veterinary care for families currently underserved as well as enables social service and animal care professionals to meet their goals in serving families.

To learn more about AlignCare, visit www.aligncarehealth.org