Veterinary Social Work Oath
Specializing in veterinary social work, I pledge my service to society by tending to the human needs that arise in the relationship between humans and animals. From a strengths perspective and using evidence-based practice, I will uphold the ethical code of my profession, respect and promote the dignity and worth of all species, and diligently strive to maintain a mindful balance in all of my professional endeavors.

Augusta O’Reilly, LCSW, VSW, Director of Veterinary Social Work
Augusta is a clinical licensed social worker. She has done work with animal-assisted interventions, advocated for mental well-being in the veterinary field, and supported the animal-human bond in her professional field. info@aligncarehealth.org

Kayla Anderson, MSSW, VSW

Kayla is a master’s level social worker. Her experience is in co-hosting workshops around trauma theory and cultural humility for veterinary professionals, staffing a veterinary social work hotline for community members experiencing pet loss, and assisting with the creation of a peer-support application for veterinarians and veterinary support staff where she currently serves as a mental health consultant for volunteers. info@aligncarehealth.org

Communication Guidelines