A Discussion on Ways to Increase Access to Veterinary Care

09/26/2020. Paws for Hope Animal Foundation and AlignCare would like to invite you to join Dr. Blackwell for a presentation and discussion on Dr. Blackwell’s ground breaking work to increase access to veterinary care.

Access to Veterinary Care: A National Family Crisis 

Did you know that millions of pets do not receive adequate veterinary care because the costs are simply beyond a family’s ability to pay for it? The lack of access to care is the most significant animal welfare crisis affecting owned petsin the United States. Learn more about this important issue in our upcoming webcast, Access to Veterinary Care: A National Family Crisis.

Poverty in America: An Economist’s Perspective

How do we define and measure poverty, income mobility, and inequality? what federal and state programs are available to help those in or near poverty in America, and how have they performed over time?